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Smartdomain on Smartconsole R7730.03

Hi All,

any body facing same issue with me.

I experiences issue when access multi domain server with smartdomain manager version R7730.03.

demo mode can not opened for multi domain and when use it to access multidomain server, the console suddenly close repeatly.

is this version (smartconsole R7730.03) not supported to open multi domain server or any special step need to be done? However i need to install smartconsole R7730.03 to access smartendpoint. 


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Endpoint Management cannot run on the same server as Multi-Domain.

Thus it would make sense that the SmartDashboard for SmartEndpoint cannot connect to a Multi-Domain Server.

That said, you should get a more clear error message.

And it does look like there is a hotfix for this issue: "SmartDomain Manager has stopped working." error message when SmartDomain Manager R77.30.02/R77.30.0... 

You will need to contact the TAC to get it.

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