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Site to Site VPN Connection Issues


we have a site-to-site vpn to china and we have troubles with a SAP connection through the vpn tunnel.

I pinged the SAP server on the other side for 1 day. We have between 8 and 15% packet loss and 400ms latency.

Ping tested with 1000 bytes, 4000bytes and 10000 bytes.

I did some connection tests with telnet on port 3300 and the connection test is always working.

However if the sap connector is started the following Error message is displayed.

The SAP connector also connects to port 3300.

WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer 10054

Is there anything we can configure on the checkpoint firewall? Like idle timeouts?

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I think you have a problem with the MTU size.  Small packets via Telnet work and large data packets are not transmitted.

For this purpose, there is an SK for setting the MTU size.  Please search in the KB.