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SSL Certificate imported on UserCheck and GAIA portal

Morning everyone,


As we started to do HTTPS Inspection for some time, we bumped into the certificate problem showed to the users when they get redirected to the block page .

The page that is presented to the user, is coming from the GW Cluster VIP, and right now it's presenting a self signed certificate to the users. 

Untitled.pngWe've went through the SK's to generate a CSR and get a signed SSL certificate for the GW Cluster, and we've installed that into the UserCenter and Platform Portal, pushed the policies and everything was OK - almost.




Problem we're facing, is that even in the import process we get a message stating that the certificate will be used for Platform Portal, and UserCheck, in GAIA we don't get this Certificate.

So for GAIA I would have to manually replace the serever.crt and server.key , but I would like to get them (if possible) from the GW itself, since we imported them few minutes ago.


We've looked for the online resources but no luck in finding the imported certificate location - the ones imported from the SmartConsole and pushed to the cluster.


So is it possible to achieve what we were thinking, or we have to perform that task manually ?


Thank you,



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Thank you PhoneBoy, but we're not using CKP as an CA, so we don't have ICA enabled on Management Server .

Our import was done on the GW Cluster (correct wording on the last sentence should be "through the SmartConsole and pushed", in order to avoid confusion ).

We'll see to open a case and maybe get a response there and share it with you here .


Thank you and have a nice week,

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