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SIGRed - a slightly off-beat explanation and some rather odd comparisons

After a few SIGRed explanations to clients and discussions with colleagues, I decided to write up a little article that tries to break it down into human terms.  While I started with a semi-humorous concept, I had to keep going back and adding to make sure and stress SIGRed's seriousness, importance, and significance.  I also originally intended to "nerdsplain" it in less technical terms, but I think it may likely still difficult for the non-networking populous to grasp.

After some good feedback and encouragement to do so, I've decided to share the result here.  I'm very curious what the community thinks.

Have fun,


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Could you have added a couple more pop culture references? 🤔

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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