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SG6500 CMOS Battery


Hoping somebody here may know the make/model of the battery associated with the CMOS on a 6500 appliance.

I work for a distributor trying to offer our partner shipping options, but the need to know exact details about this or any type of installed battery on these appliances as this will impact how we ship/cost.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: SG6500 CMOS Battery

All of our appliances have some sort of very small battery for the clock and whatnot, usually a button-cell or similar.
I've never heard of it being an issue with shipping.
Your best bet is to inquire through your local Check Point office if you need the exact details.
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Re: SG6500 CMOS Battery

Thank you!

The issue is mainly with our shipping department, we've never come across this problem either.

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