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I found only few blogs about this "solution"?  Anyone from CheckMates members use it? Can you share your experience?

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Hi Alex, as you probably know Sandblast is a product family. Currently Sandblast has these line of products:

  • Sandblast Network. It's our sandboxing (Threat Emulation) solution for mail and web traffic. It can be done in the cloud or on-premise with a TE appliance. It doesn't require a Check Point Firewall. It also include the blade Threat Extraction.
  • Sandblast Agent. It's a group of advanced threat protections that were add to the Endpoint Complete Suite. It can be deployed alone or within the Endpoint complete package. Currently includes these features:
    • Anti-Exploit.
    • Anti-Bot.
    • Anti-Ransomware.
    • Forensics.
    • Threat-Emulation.
    • Threat-Extraction.
    • Zero-Phishing.
  • Sandblast API. Sandblast can be deployed through an API for example to do clean pipes.
  • Sandblast Mobile. It's the solution for mobile devices. It includes protections for:
    • OS exploits
    • Network Attacks (MiTM)
    • Malicious Applications
    • Bluetooth Attacks (Blueborne)
    • SS7 Attacks
    • Network Filter (In roadmap)

In Check Mates there are different use cases for the different solutions. If you are more specific about what you are looking for we could help you better.




J, you do not mention SB cloud?

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You’re right, it’s because the solution had a rebranding to CloudGuard SaaS 🙂

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Thank you J. Which of the solutions from SandBlast family utilize CPU-level threat prevention?

I think all this product use the ROP analysis  

Sandblast Agent

Sandblast Network

CloudGuard SaaS

Sandblast API

Sandblast Mobile I'm not sure if can inspect CPU exploits.

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See All Products and Where To Post About Them. Here you can find an overview of Sandblast chapters.

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