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Replacing gateway on management with new model

Hi All

Quick question when upgrading appliances to a new model, do you use the same object in the dashboard and just redo the SIC and update the relevant model and software info etc?

I do not want to have to create a new object


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That depends on the HW differences between the old and new models - if you have more interfaces you must do more changes in Dashboard GW object. But you do not have to create a new object, that is correct !

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist

Good question, but honestly, answer is not straight really depends. As G said, its related to number of interfaces, hostname, number of interfaces...As long as you make sure routing is the same, then everything else should be easier to set up.


@carl_t  I know this is a old thread but its missing that you have to do a policy install after re SIC is done and communicating. To view the current policy package you have install before policy installation on new Gateway you can run fw stat and it should said initial policy (witch is default one) after you complete policy installation without issues you can run the command fw stat again and you can confirm is installed the corresponding package as defined in your SMS.

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