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Red Team vs Blue Team in the Cyber Range @ CPX 360!

Ever wondered what it’s like to fight a hacker?

Now you can try!

Check out our Emerging Technology Cyber Range at CPX 360 2019!


It is the most innovative training platform, bringing Blue team (Defending w/ Check Point R80.20) vs. Red team (Attackers).

Sign up now to secure your spot at our Cyber Range in CPX360 during Expo hours*

*Each session will take 45 minutes.

Bring your charged laptop with you, all the rest is on us!


You are welcome to take part in a Gamified experience based on missions and scoring (Blue teams – Defend with CP techs, Red Teams – Attackers) and experience our products hands-on including Sandblast network, Sandblast Agent, CloudGaurd, R80.20 Management capabilities, and so on.


Play independently or team up with other participants and experience Check Point emerging technologies (Real hands-on) and Gen V attacks.

The platform will take you through a journey of cyber-attack and compensate you with points per progress.

You are welcome to take hints and compete for the crown!

Check out these videos of the Cyber Range below.

Turn up your speakers Smiley Happy

Video Link : 10887

Video Link : 10888

Video Link : 10889

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I signed up for the Blue team in Vienna on Monday, Feb. 18th, 2019 (18:30-19:30).

Join my team and let's defend the attackers!

Blue team in Vienna on Monday, Feb. 18th, 2019 (18:30-19:30).



There is also Cyber Range session at Monday Traing Tracks ( 9:00 - 13:00).

Is this the same thing?

Best Regards


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No, you are talking about the advanced 4h training session. This thread is about the standard 45min session.