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Rate your Check Point Support experience - 2018

What is your Check Point Support experience in 2018?

Did Check Point Support perform well, understood your issue quickly, provided solutions fast, has been helpful in finding workarounds or did it lack on resposiveness, involved R&D (Research and Development) too soon and too often, forced you to hit the manager escalation button more often you would have liked to?

Regarding the latest Gartner Report for UTM, which Check Point currently promotes on its website, the customer feedback for 2018 (see below) showed room for improvement. Do you agree?

Customer Feedback: Surveyed clients and resellers have reported that technical support issues take higher resolution time when escalated past Level 1. As a result, advanced support issues take time to be identified and escalated.

Good job.8
Room for improvement.10
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My overall experience have been good and satiafying but I would say 1-level support need to read and understand qustomer incidents / service request first before escalating tickets to R&D.

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It's no better or worse than any other big vendor. Hit and miss. Some cases resolved fast and with some you have to jump through loops and hoops until you give up and start using your own inside contacts bypassing official flow. Definitely room for some "think outside the box" to streamline and make it more efficient.

I have said it in past that CP should have some internal user rating based on quality of past requests to see if maybe L1 can be skipped sometimes to speed up resolution?

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We are Check Point 4 star partner and have a lot of tickets. This is very different from ticket to ticket.  All in all it is going very well. If necessary press escalation button. I don't want to vote here, because we can't rate this as good or bad. I think we need a scale of 1 to 10. And I wouldn't have a real answer here either and I'd give support 9 out of 10 points.

I agree with Kaspars that sometimes it would be better to skip L1. We should start a vote on whether there should be a button to skip the L1 support for partners with 3 or 4 starsSmiley Happy.



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That was my initial reaction (good vs bad vote) but it actually isn't. It's more like "I'm really happy the way it is" or "it could be better" Smiley Happy

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