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Ram options 15400 appliance


In the model 15400 i see only available 8Gb, 24Gb, and 64Gb or ram options available.

Anybody know why can not use the HPP 24Gb + the 8 GB that comes by default base and have 32 GB of ram on the appliances? 

I noticed that in the 15600 32Gb are supported.. this is a hardware/software limitation or a simple commercial strategy?

Thank you.

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Re: Ram options 15400 appliance

That is simply how many slots for RAM modules are available - for HPP 24, you add 16GB to the base 8GB (looks like 3 slots for RAM are availabel). With 16GB 15600, you add 16GB for 32GB. And yes, it is commercial strategy to build machines with power and machines with more power  !

Re: Ram options 15400 appliance

Thanks for the answer Smiley Happy

My curiosity is from the fact that we have 8 slots.. why not using the 4 slot? and why it can be used in the 64GB setup.. supposing that the motherboard has dual ddr the 24Gb is a "strange" setup..

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Re: Ram options 15400 appliance

Appliances are a special hardware, so this kind of question is just leading nowhere - it may well be that the 15400 has 2x4GB, the 15600 4x4GB basic RAM and HPP update 4x4GB adding to 24 / 32 GB.

Why use appliances ? Because under support, you will receive an identical replacement hardware on the next business day, making RMA more easy than OpenServer hardware.

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