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R81 - VXLAN and ClusterXL

In the EA information about R81 it can be found that VXLAN is supported.

CUT>>>  Gaia OS

Support for additional network interface:

  • Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)<<<CUT

The reason for my question is that we could then build ClusterXL environments over a Layer 3/4 network with VXLAN.  This could be a very interesting solution for future projects if there are only L3 connections between two data centers. 

Is this supported for ClusterXL?

If so, which parameters must be observed? I am thinking here of a maximum 100ms delay for sync packets and and and

Do you have more information here?



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Thanks. I'm aware of that.

The interesting question is:
1) Can a ClusterXL sync interface be a VXLAN interface?
2) Can I use a ClusterXL interface with a VIP as VXLAN interface?


1) VXLAN cannot be a cluster sync interface.
2) Yes, you can use ClusterXL interface with a VIP as VXLAN interface.

In addition to Active-Active cluster, for L3 topologies, in R81 a new type of cluster will be introduced: Geo-Cluster - in this kind of cluster Sync interface can be configured in L3 topology. Similarly to Active-Active cluster it will use routing table to send the sync packets between the members.

Hi @Olegf

Nice info, thanks.

What is the intended use-case for VXLAN? Could this solution be used for example to extend DMZs from one firewall to another over an L3 WAN link? 

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