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R80.40 - Question about encryption domain per VPN community

Hello everyone,

hope your doing well these days. I have a question about the new feature in R80.40 regarding the encryption domains that can be configured per community (finally 😉). 

I was wondering if this requires an R80.40 Gateway or if this also works on older Gateways. We have an R80.40 Management and we can already select to override the main encryption domain but unfortunately I have no endpoint to test if this actually works. In the release notes this feature is listed in the "Acess Control" (technically Gateway I would think) and not the Gateway or Management list so I am not sure.

As I am preparing a new Branch Office I would like to use this feature. Can anybody shed some light on this topic? 


Many thanks 🙂

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I have a R80.20SP VSX gateway, which is certainly not R80.40 on which I could set it and push policy without errors.
I am unable to test if it really works but so far it looks promising.
Regards, Maarten

I would assume it works with R80.40 GWs - from lower versions i do know only that it will not work with 1100, 1400 and 1500 SMBs: 

sk165613  R80.40 Policy Installation failure to a Branch Office Appliance involving a RemoteAccess community, due to unsupported VPN Domains

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I just test it with gw 80.30 (mng 80.40) and it works fine.