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R80.40 Active-Active Mode in ClusterXL

Hello Community,

i'm interresting in ClusterXL Active-Active Mode.

I read the Limitaions for Active-Active Mode in R80.40 ClusterXL Guide.

I'm not sure if I understand this NAT limitation.

NAT on the IP addresses that belong to cluster interfaces is not supported
(because it does not survive cluster failover).

Is this mean, if I have the IP on the Interface, I can't NAT on this IP for outgoing and incommint traffic ?





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Yeah, you should not NAT to an IP address that is configured on a single cluster member.
You should be able to NAT to, say, the cluster IP (assuming hide NAT).

In an R80.40 Active-Active cluster there is no "cluster" interface or virtual cluster IP address.  I'm guessing in Active-Active mode, you would have to have some "other" NAT ranges outside of the cluster member IP addresses that would be able to route to either cluster member.  Both FWs would advertise the NAT IP to their upstream routers.  Because the NAT table and connections are synchronized, either FW in the cluster could process the return traffic.

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