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R80.20 - new ClusterXL commands

New ClusterXL clish commands are available.




> show cluster



Show cluster MAC Magic and MAC Forward Magic parameters.


> show cluster mmagic


Show cluster fail over information.


> show cluster failover


Reset history:

> show cluster failover reset history


Show cluster states of all members.


> show cluster stats


Show the roles of the RouteD daemon.


> show cluster roles


Show cluster statistics transport


> show cluster statistics transport


Show cluster statistics sync


> show cluster statistics sync


Show all cluster interfaces (cphaprob -a if)


> show cluster members interfaces all


Show pnotes (cphaprob -l list)


> show cluster members pnotes all

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Re: R80.20 - new ClusterXL commands

All these commands (and more) are documented in the R80.20 ClusterXL Administration Guide

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Re: R80.20 - new ClusterXL commands

Really nice!

Re: R80.20 - new ClusterXL commands