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R80.20 -> R80.40 cluster upgrade question

Hi all - With travel being limited right now, I'm looking at different options to upgrade some appliance clusters from r80.20 to .40

For previous major version upgrades, since we have a pretty small footprint, mostly in California, i would be onsite and do a clean install and just copy back the configs, redo SIC, and be done.  I think I'm ready to try a remote cpuse major version upgrade as the feedback has been pretty positive. Here's the question:

On one of my 80.20 clusters, for available "recommended packages", i see two different packages for R80.40:

  • Major Versions: R80.40 Gaia Fresh Install and upgrade
  • Blink Packages: R80.40 Security Gateway + JHF 48 for appliances and Open servers

I downloaded both packages to ensure the "upgrade" option was available - it was.  I also ran verify against both, and clean and upgrade were listed for both packages.

So..why would i chose one over the other for a remote\cpuse version upgrade?


Appreciate any feedback - thanks.



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With Blink, you're getting R80.40 with JHF 48 applied in one fell swoop with only a single reboot.
Without Blink, you're installing R80.40 GA and if you want JHF 48, you'll have to install it separately (with a separate reboot).

The process you follow in either case is basically the same.
I believe Blink may also be faster, though I've only used it to reimage an existing appliance versus via CPUSE.

Hello PhoneBoy,

if I understand it correctly, would you recommend a clean installation for version R80.40 instead of the update?

Or should generally always prefer a clean installation? Does the partition type ext change to gpt with update or only with clean install?



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Some extra info to help your decisions:

Blink will get you directly to the version+Jumbo. You can choose clean installation or upgrade with the Blink as well as with the major upgrade package. If someone wants to go to a version+Jumbo, I'd recommend Blink when available. the only reason we offer both packages is that Blink in general and upgrades specifically are not yet available for all platforms. 

As for upgrade vs. clean installation - I'd recommend upgrade (when available), unless you already have concerns with some of the configurations and would like to start with a clean slate. 

Any CPUSE method - clean installation or upgrade, regular upgrade or Blink - does not change the file system. If you are interested in changing the filesystem to the newer XFS on an existing machine, you should install a clean ISO using ISOMorphic. 

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