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R80.20 Use Cases TechTalk

Together with one of our R&D leaders, Technical Product Manager Anat Eytan-Davidi, we talk about R80.20 features that can improve your day-to-day work, discuss the recommended upgrade path to R80.20, elaborate on the new management feature releases and have a sneak peek to R80.30.

Video Link : 11093

Q&A transcript is in the first comment. PPT file with the slides is also attached.

Feel free to ask even more questions for the matter. Thank, all.

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Q: Can we upgrade from R8020 M1 to R80.20 directly?

A: Yes


Q: The R80.20 Gateway is now stable?

A: Yes, it is the recommended version now.


Q: Can Management be on r80.20 M1 and gateway r80.20?

A: You will get a warning when you will install policy. It may work but we suggest to avoid it.


Q: What is the planned version of kernel in R80.30?

A: R80.30 kernel for management will stay 3.10


Q: Is the ISO image in sk141173 supported by Check Point support?

A: The mentioned article describes gateway deployment with 3.10 kernel. The article mentions all supported deployment platforms.


Q: Can i upgrade directly to 80.20.m2 from m1?

A: Yes.


Q: Can you share the R80.30 release date?

A: No particular date at this moment, but we are very close to the release.


Q: R80.30 gateways, will they have 2.6 or 3.10 kernel?

A: We plan to lift up gateway kernel , R80.30 appliances still uses 2.6.18 but Open servers and Cloud Guard can use the new kernel based on RedHat 7.4, you can read more in sk141173


Q: If I install R80.20.M2, do you still use the normal R80.20 jumbos?

A: No, there are no jumbos for M releases, the idea is that you will upgrade more frequently.


Q: Can R80.10 MGMT server manage r80.20 firewalls?

A: Yes, with a certain Jumbo package


Q: Any plans to support O365 dynamic objects in R80.10 main train?

A: There is a customer release for R80.10 that enables this I think. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade to R80.20.


Q: Do we need to enable any other blade other than firewall blade to use Office365 updatable objects?

A: No.


Q: Updatable Object, are they compatible with SecureXL?

A: Yes.


Q: I'd like to use R80.20 features, but we are running a 64000 Chassis. Is there an R80SP20 release?

A: Yes, we just made it available as a GA release. There’s an SK on it, see: sk140392.


Q: Is there a SK for the Office 365 update list (firewall objects) how it works in detail, meaning is the GW fetching the list from CP and/or Microsoft or is it the Management server or even both?

A: Gateways are fetching the information from our ThreatCloud on an hourly basis. We are getting the information from the relevant vendors. We do have SK for this: sk131852.


Q: What is the main advantage when using R80.20 Gaia kernel 3.10?

A: XFS file system and improved HW compatibility.


Q: In Multi Domain do we need to enable the Multi-Tasking feature for each Domain?

A: Yes


Q: Is R80.20 also support Categorize HTTPS websites by SNI or need to install any custom hotfix?

A: There’s a custom hotfix for this, but it is planned for R80.30 Maintrain.


Q: Can you assign someone else to review changes?
A: Not currently. We are generally planning to add back in SmartWorkflow features.


Q: When will the Smartconsole "session pane" become a standard (ie.  not "lab") feature?

A: We plan to do it this year.


Q: Any chance that scheduling policy installations will be allowed eventually regular SMS machines and not only on MDS management?

 A: Yes, it is on the roadmap.


Q: I can't see how to get my r77.30 gateways to auto update IPS policy...just moved management to R80.20 last weekend.

 A: That feature requires R80.20 gateway as well. In earlier versions of gateway, you still need a policy push to do it.


Q: Does Check Point plan to add an "auto Refresh" button to SmartView views?  We need the ability to auto refresh the views.

A: This feature is available with R80.20.


Q: Does Log exporter work in a mixed environment (having 80.10 mgmt and 80.10/77.30 clusters)?

A: Yes, it is a management feature.


Q: When can we expect support on advanced parameters in Log Exporter i.e. there is no information on how only specific log fields can be sent via Log Exporter?

A: At SK122323 read about mapping configuration xml and exportAllFields parameter


Q: What upgrade path allows my management server to have XFS file system?

A: Advanced upgrade only.


Q: How about a report that will show unused rules and or disabled rules?

A: There are API tools in GitHub that can show 0 hit-count rules.


Q: Is there any official tool from checkpoint to merge the database of multiple management servers in R80.20?

A: We are currently working on a solution , meanwhile you can use the following scripts :


   Export whole policy package and its objects:

   For specific objects:

   To move from local to global

 Also, take a look at our Developers Hub on CheckMates.


Q: When R80.20 features will be supported on SMB devices

A: We have plans to do that later this year.


Q: Can I upgrade my SmartCenter to R80.20 and still have the GW's on R80.10?  I can then upgrade the GW's to R80.20 on a rolling schedule.

A: Yes, of course.


Q: Can we send only firewall logs via Log exporter and not audit logs?

A: Yes, for further information, read sk122323 source parameters->log_types


Q: Azure keeps releasing service tags for PaaS services. Is Checkpoint going to keep up with those in updatable objects as there are not many updatable objects for Azure?
A. Right now, there is no concreter plan, we are interested in that feedback, please contact me privately.


Q: How long was it between 80.20GA and it being the recommended version?

A: About four months.


Q: Does R80.20 support VSX?

A: Yes.


What is R80.20M1 and M2 vs just R80.20?

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It was answered during the webinar.

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