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R80.20 New Management Image is now available as Ongoing release!

Dear All,

R80.20 Homepage [sk122485] has been updated with a new Ongoing Management image.

This New Security Management image (T117) contains several fixes and enhancements that apply to the First Time Configuration Wizard, Upgrade process and Initial Installation process.

Customers who installed the previously released R80.20 Management image (T101) are not required to install this new image.


Note that there is no change in Security Gateway image (Take 101).


R80.20 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 80  and above can be installed on this new image as well as on the previous image(Take 101)

R80.20 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 47  is the latest General Availability release, Take 80 is expected to become GA in the upcoming weeks

Note - R80.20 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 87 is now GA and can be installed above  R80.20 new image. 



Please Note:

This new image will not be published via CPUSE as a recommended version. Once this image becomes GA, it will be a recommended version for CPUSE upgrade as well


Available for download:

-   Via R80.20 New Image Update FAQ [sk151513]

-   Via CPUSE by using package identifier

For full list of fixes, see R80.20 New Image Update FAQ [sk151513]



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On Going take 117 was released today as GA and available via CPUSE (as recommended)  


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