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R80.20 - More then 40 Cores for CoreXL?

Sk149973 describes the switching from kernel mode to user mode. Does this mean that I can use more than 40 cores in user mode for CoreXL?

- If so, this would also work with open sever?

- If yes, what is the maximum number of  possible cores?


There are a limited number of cores on 23900 appliances due to Linux/Intel limitations. 

In kernel-mode FW, the maximum number of running cores is limited to 40 because of the Linux/Intel limitation of 2GB kernel memory, and because CoreXL architecture needs to load a large driver (~40MB) dozens of times (according to the CPU number, and up to 40 times). Newer platforms that contain more than 40 cores (e.g., 23900) are not fully utilized.



How to enable USFW (User-Mode Firewall) on a 23900 appliance


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Not aware of any supported Open Server that has more than 40 cores, but I imagine it would work there as well.

No one mentioned a number of core limit with usermode firewall.


Thanks for this info.

Theoretically, we could have 56 cores in an HPDL380 G10.

2 x Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8180 Processor (28 cores per cpu)

But I didn't have this server in my hand yet:-)



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Enable user mode:

> cpprod_util FwSetUsermode 1
> reboot

More to user mode here:

How to enable USFW (User-Mode Firewall) on a 23900 appliance

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