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Question about the use of mgmt_cli tool

Hello, everybody.

I am starting to learn more about the use of the "mgmt_cli tool, but I have a question.

Currently I have created a list of objects from the CLI (The creation has been successful), but now I want to add this list of hosts to a group that I already have in my SMS.

What is the correct syntax to add my list of objects (I worked it by importing a .csv file) to the group that I already have created in the SMS?


In addition to this, I have another doubt, once you manage to create a list of objects by CLI, this .csv file that is imported to the SMS, can be deleted without problems?
Or should it stay in the SMS?

Thanks for your comments.

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If the group already exists, you use 'set group' like so:

mgmt_cli ... set group name "GRP_Black_List" members.add.1 "IPMAL01" members.add.2 "IPMAL02" members.add.3 "IPMAL03" ...

As for the CSV, once the objects are built using mgmt_cli, they're in the management database. You can trash the CSV file.

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