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Problem access Clish Gaia R77.30

Hi all,

Currently I present the following problem.

When trying to enter a Gaia R77.30 device using clish is not possible.

2019-03-18 12_30_41-FW1.png

Previously the same problem had occurred but the solution was the restart of the computer.

Has that behavior happened to you? If so, what type of procedure have been performed so as not to apply the device restart?

Thank you very much for your help!!

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Not quite sure what you mean by this question. However if you are trying to connect to a gateway with ssh and a user that defaults to clish, or when you are able to login with a bash user and from there you try to go to the clish prompt and in both cases it just sits there and not much is happening, at least so it seams. Then I must say yes, had one of those cases last week on a system that was running for 480 days or so.
When you have this problem, yes the only way to resolve is to reboot.
Regards, Maarten

Yes, I will apply the restart.
Thank you
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