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PSL reject


Does anyone know what PSL is and what causes these drops?


After I change the equipment name, the log occurs. (SIC reser without cp service)

If you use fwckl zdebug + drop, the PSL reject log also comes out.
It is used only for APT, and all policies are set to leave no logs with any, any, accept.



@;184761404; [cpu_0];[fw4_1];FW-1:global lock of instance 1 is released without the proper flags (4)
lock holder is fwmultik_queue_async_dequeue_cd;
@;184761582;[cpu_0];[fw4_1];fw_log_drop_ex: Packet proto=6 -> dropped by fwpslglue_chain Reason: PSL Reject: internal - reject enable;




Any ideas where to start looking?


And does this make Internet connectivity impossible?


Thank you in advance.

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