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Opinions on 80.40 Please

We have a cluster of 15400 appliances running r80.30. We are considering upgrading our environment to 80.40 to take advantage of some of the new features. Just checking in to see if people are using it and how they are liking it? Having any major problems?

Some of the new features I am interested in are:

* A new policy Layer in Smart Console dedicated to TLS Inspection (which I guess means we don't have to go into SmartDashboard and update it anymore). And that you can now have a different policy for each policy.

* Updateable objects used in TLS inspection. I am hoping that will make bypassing things like Dropbox and Office365 better.

* Improved troubleshooting for URL Filtering. I don't know what the new methods will be, but definitely need it.

Anyone using any of those things?  I am trying to decide on just putting the latest take on 80.30 which is running fine for us but the features in 80.40 sound intriguing. Is it worth an early adoption?

Any thought are appreciated.

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I asked similar question like a week ago and got 0 (zero) replies so far.

Then I took the risk and upgraded my 3600 appliance and so far I am not regretting it at all. Looks quite stable to me.

I am using HTTPS Inspection but to benefit from the integrated policy you need to upgrade your management to R80.40 as well.

Oh yeah, and that policy is shared, not per gateway.

I have also made the probably wrong assumption that there is no new JHF for over a month now means there are no critical problems to be fixed.

For clusters, R80.40 offers even more. Different versions on each member? That is pretty cool as you may quickly fail-over to a member running stable version in case of problems.


You can manage R80.40 gateway from R80.30 management with latest R80.30 Jumbo Take.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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