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Not able to access webpage of secondary server in a cluster when using vpn

Hi Experts,


Need your help in the below issue

I have deployed checkpoint FW in the cluster (HA) successfully but when I am trying to access the webpage of the secondary server when connected to VPN it doesn't work.

The webpage opens when I am inside the network, i then checked another customer with HA setup and tried doing vpn and same issue can't access webpage of secondary server.

Any inputs would be beneficial here.

6200 Appliance

81.20 connected through Smart 1

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Hey mate,

We need more details about this. For example, are you able to ssh to 2nd member? Can you ping it, what does traceroute show via vpn? Also, when you try access it, and it fails, what do logs show in smart console? Alternatively, you can do zdebug on primary member when doing say your vpn IP is, you can do this from expert mode of primary fw:

fw ctl zdebug + drop | grep

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What is the port number platform portal set? 443 or any custom? Try capturing the packets on other firewall; I guess this is due to VMAC as VMAC is attached to primary connection sent to cluster member is being responded by VMAC Address.

Thanks and Regards,
Blason R


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