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NAT through VPN

Hi there,

With my GaiaR80, I have this scenario :

VPNremoteSite1                         My site                                       VPNremoteSite2

Object <----------->   <-------------->    Object :

there are two site-to-site vpn between
- VPNremoteSite1 and My site

- VPNremoteSite2 and My site

Remotesite1 doesn't know the RemoteSite2 network

I would like to do a NAT on "my site" so that can access

who can help me ?

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Have you tried to NAT the object under 1 ip in your site, for example: Then when client in Remote Site 1 tried to connect, the traffic flow will be as follow:

Original packet from Remote Site1: Src: --(VPN S2S Site1 and Your Site) ---> Translated packet: src: 10.1.30.x/dst: ---(VPN S2S Your Site and Site2)

Best Regards,

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