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My favorite part in CPX (360)

Lets make this FUN : Share your favorite activity in CPX followed by #CPXCantWait, #CPXCountMeIn, #WeAreCheckMates and a cool shirt signed by Gil Shwed can be yours 🙂


Yesterday I had a fun discussion with some "CheckMaters" that attended to quite a few CPX events, on what their favorite session/activity was.


Allow me to share mine....

My first CPX event I attended (as a customer/partner working in NetVision) was in Paris (I think 2004).

I have attended every year since then (except 2 years when I was working for a competitor  ).


I would have to say that every year my most anticipated part was Dorit Dor's Roadmap session.  Seeing her deliver ~120 hardcore slides in 40 minutes was a testament for human feat .  It felt to me like sitting in a "sermon " (yeah I'm a geek and a fanboy  ).

My second favorite activity was always going to the "Technology Innovation labs" watching people from Check Point R&D live demo the latest and greatest in Check Point products and being able to ask directly the guy/gal who wrote the code, the most detailed and minuscule questions (to a level that one time @Oded Gonda asked me to stop), was definitely a highlight as well.


This year I have the privilege to be part of a team that builds the agenda (see details here)... 

What I'm psyched most about is the choice given to attendees. At any given time you can choose to take part in one of 7 activities (4 Breakouts tracks (Architect, Prevent, Manage, CheckMates use-cases) , EXPO , Technology Innovation Lab , Hands-On Labs).

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CPX 2018 will be my first visit. Chosing which sessions to attend won't be easy and I'm affraid I'll have a bad case of #FoMo Smiley Happy


Hehe , we will help u 🙂

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Yeah I'd say Dorit's roadmap discussions are probably the highlight for me.  As soon as she starts her high-speed discussion a hush falls over the attendees and the only function everyone's smartphones are being used for at that point are rapidly taking multiple pictures of each slide, and hoping at least some of them don't come out blurry and unreadable.

The T3-level breakout sessions come in a close second, especially the incident response ones.

Moti's competitive discussions are pretty good too, especially when served with a generous slice of attitude the way only Moti can.  🙂

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Dorit's roadmap without a question! My second choice is the "dinner" between the 2 conference days with everybody, excellent for networking.


My favorite was this past year when we launched CheckMates to the world.

But perhaps I'm biased Smiley Happy


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