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Multi-Queue settings - interface change

Hi Team,

We have 2 15600 Model Gateways in cluster with Active/Standby setup and we have 2 DMZ interfaces on it connecting to two L2 Switches over 1g Copper links and switches are being replaced to increase capacity to 10G Fiber. These two DMZ interfaces are trunk links with 3 Vlans on each of them and we have Multi-Queue enabled on them. 

Can you please let me know what is the best process to migrate to 10G links and re-enabling MQ on them with minimum downtime ?

Thanks !


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Adding the interfaces is going to required the appliance to be powered down, as will disabling multiqueue on specific interfaces.
Likewise, when you want to enable multiqueue on the new interfaces, you’ll need to reboot.
You’ll need an outage window to do these tasks.

R80.40 enables multiqueue on all supported interfaces by default and it supports more than 5 interfaces enabled for multiqueue.

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