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Migrate SMS to Virtual SMS with New IP

Dear Team , 

We have a cluster running  R80.10 on Checkpoint 5200 platform .

Cluster  act as a perimeter firewall and around 55 branches are connected with certificate based VPN and branch locations using the Sophos / Cyberom / Fortigate .

This cluster is managed from the parent company management server  which manages nearly 150+ Gateways.

We are planning to install the new management server for this cluster. but the problem is that the parent company is not willing to share any details . We have the expert access to the CP Cluster .

What is the best way to migrate this cluster to the new management server on the same version  with out loosing any existing configuration .  we can have the downtime of 4 to 5 Hrs.





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To migrate you need the following:


1. Security policy for this GW, including required objects used in the rules fro Network Security and NAT

2. VPN details: peer definitions, certificates used to authenticate, VPN community details, domains, etc.


Expert access on the GW does not give you any of the above. You need the parent company security admins to cooperate. 

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