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Manual static NAT query

Dear Mates ...I have a silly question. I configured below manual static NAT in my checkpoint firewall 


Src                       Destination    Src (Static NAT)          Dest (Static NAT)         

In this case if I want to allow connection from Source =  dest=, do I need to configured reverse Manual Static NAT statement to allow this traffic OR does above NAT rule will be sufficient as it's configured as manual static. 

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Re: Manual static NAT query

Assuming you are already allowing traffic from to in your Firewall/Network access layer policy, connections initiated from to will automatically have the return traffic NATted back to what it needs to be without a second NAT rule.  However if you want to be able to initiate new connections to you will need a second NAT rule (and explicitly permit it in the Firewall/Network access layer as well).

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Re: Manual static NAT query

Here you can find a flowchart of how nat is implemented:

R80.x Security Gateway Architecture (Logical Packet Flow) 


Otherwise Timothy described it well.