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Management server unable to connect to internet

Hello Experts,


Our issue is the management server is now not connected to the internet, below is the setup and we experienced the issue after adding the 2nd cluster at the left.


Ping and trace to both clusters works, but traffic to internet doesn't.


Any thoughts? something needs to be tweaked on the SMS? or the added cluster should be reviewed?


Best Regards,

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Employee Employee


You'd need to step through this logically to isolate the cause, first how's the NAT defined and is there any corresponding drop logs for the traffic?



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Legend Legend

If you can reach both clusters but not go through them, and assuming that the traffic is being allowed by the Firewall Policy on both,  either you have a NAT configuration issue or possibly some kind of routing problem involving the NAT addresses you are trying to use.  You'll need a packet capture on the clusters to see exactly what is going on, as the Check Point traffic logs will gladly show you exactly how traffic is being allowed and NATed, but those same logs are not really designed to reveal routing problems.

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