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Managed Security Service Provider using Check Point Solutions

Dear Mates

We wish to become a MSSP as such, we are in the process of looking into different solutions. Since we have a great sucess story with Check Point, we are considering to join this new journey with Check Point.

I would like to know which Check Point Product/Technology we could use in order to start providing security services to our customers. I was thinking of VSX, and create different contexts for each customer.  Is there anything else we should look at?


Thanks in advance

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Multi-Domain Management is pretty much a requirement for an MSSP.
VSX is commonly used by MSSP customers as well.
Larger MSSPs also manage on-premise devices on behalf of their customers as well.

It would be worth a conversation with a local Check Point SE as well.
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It will depending mostly on your MSSP architecture.

  • Are you going to focus on small customers where you will be deploying SMB appliances? Then maybe the central console from SMB will be enough.
  • Are you going to route the traffic from the customers through your datanceter or are planning to host services? Then VSX is mostly mandatory.

These are a couple of examples, depending on the number of gateways that you are planning to manage a multi domain management may be necessary.

Hope it helps!



Thanks for your help.
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