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Manage users with Centrify

Is anyone using Centrify to manage their Gaia deployments?  We are going to have a POC with Centrify later this month for our servers, databases, etc., and I'm sure there will be a push to also manage the firewalls.  I have only started reading about Centrify and Gaia, but it sounds like there are a lot of "gotchas", and not so much benefit.    The Centrify deployment would be managed outside of security team, I'm not very fond of giving up control over gateways to another system/group that is not in the security team.

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The benefit it provides is managing privileged access to the gateway.
It allows more complex passwords and for them to be changed regularly.
The challenge is that Gaia only allows one admin in read/write mode to the configuration database.
I assume the password rotation and other functions Centrify does could be adjusted to happen during times where it is unlikely someone else is making a change to the system.
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