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Making Skype work properly with HTTPS inspection enabled coupled with To Probe Bypass or Not To Probe Bypass 1oct18.pdf

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hey John , outstanding work gz , I would like to know if you have the opportunity to work on this with an r80.20 security gateway too or if something was improved during the time.



Hello John,

Any chance you can share the file  ‘SkypeURLs Version 2.3 August 2018’.XLSX you mention inside the document you shared?


Many thanks

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Has somebody managed to do Skype4B work completely with https inspection enabled?

I have tried all the bypass destination rules I have been able to find, based in this thread and in others:

- bypass rule by dst:ip (Microsoft's Office 365 IP address )-Updated via API

-bypass rules by dst application/site (one rule with normal hostnames and another with regular expressions)


SkypeFB connects and the calls, video and chat work.

But I can not make "File sharing" or screen sharing.They fail.

Of course it works when I disable https inspection for SkypeFB, but it does no look like a good solution, as I will disable https inspections for all traffic from the corporte users---making https outbound inspection a nonsense.

I am trying with R80.30 + JHF50

Any help would be appreciated!


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