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Mail load balancing



First of all, I did not know which board should I choose for this post, so sorry if it's incorrect.


Now the main thing:

I'm trying to do load balancing for the MTA on a TE appliance R80.10, the idea is to send traffic to whichever of both mail servers from the TE, I did read the SK110369 and I think it's ok, but I was thinking about Logical servers, they look an easy solution for this as I just have to set the IP of the external interface as the logical server IP and add the group servers with both email servers, the problem is I do not know how to integrate both, logical server and MTA for it to works, has anyone tried this? or have some idea about this thing? I'm just looking a second approach, if I can't I'm just using the SK's script.


Thank you for your time.  

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Following sk110369, I created two MX records for "" with equal preferences.

In this way TE should send mails in round-robin to both mail servers.

Hope this helps

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