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Load Balancing for IPSEC VPN Tunnels

Hello guys,


We're looking to implement Active/Active or Active/Standby VPN tunnels from our client (two locations) to our data centers (two locations). Would like to see if there is a way to create global load balancer (or something similar) to be able to manage (manually or automatically) what data center the traffic will go to. 

Any idea will be appreciated 🙂




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Re: Load Balancing for IPSEC VPN Tunnels

VTI's and dynamic routing is the only way. to run active-active tunnels.
That way you can direct traffic from site1 to DC1 through the tunnel to DC1 and traffic for DC2 through the other tunnel to DC2. So you have 2 tunnels from each location to the DC's, when either of the 2 will fail, Dynamic routing should reroute traffic from site1 to DC1 over DC2.
Presuming you have a direct connection between the DC's
Regards, Maarten