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Legacy Auth (User Auth, Client Auth) on R80.10 gateways

Hey everyone,

does anybody know if Legacy Authentication (User Auth and Client Auth) is still supported on R80.10 gateways?
We updated one of our clusters today from R77.30 to R80.10 and are facing some very strange behaviour.

We have a rule with a "Legacy user at location" object (location are all our internal networks) as a source object and User Auth as action.
After the upgrade to R80.10 the "Legacy user at location" object in the source is now ignored and seems to behave like "ANY".

The release notes from R80.10 does only state that
"Session Authentication and UserAuthority are replaced by Identity Awareness."
but nothing regarding User Auth or Client Auth.

(Yes, we will move away from these authentication methods...)

Thanks and best regards

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The legacy auth methods can only be used in the first policy layer and that layer can only have Firewall enabled.
It's possible there may be other limitations, but this isn't one I've heard of.
Might we worth a TAC case.
And yes, as you point out, it would be a good idea to move away from the legacy auth methods.
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Hi Raphael,

I am facing exactly the same issue after the upgrade. Can you tell how did you overcome this situation ? what was the solution ? did TAC help ?

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