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L2 Bridge mode with Link Aggregation

Hi Mates,

Need your valuable inputs for the below scenarios .


we are planning deploy Checkpoint firewall in bridge mode between Core Switch and Server Farm, All the server Vlans gateway is on the Coreswitch and we are doing link aggregation on both sides ie 4 ports are aggregated to single bond interface .

Deployment plan : Creating the L2 bridge mode with Bond 1 and bond 2 . and creating the Sub vlan interface for the bridge ,

I just want to check whether we can create sub vlan interface for the bridge or do we need to create the Sub vlan interface on the Bond .

Both firewalls will be in Active/Active mode-Could you please provide any detials for the Active/Active configuration in Bridge mode and also is there any specific parameter to be checked on the Switches .

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Generally speaking, yes, with some limitations.

I would review the following SK: Bridge Mode on Gaia OS and SecurePlatform OS 

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