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Is there any workaround for SNI HTTPS traffic when enabled the HTTPS probe bypass?

Hello everyone, Customer now uses HTTPS inspection with probe bypass. 

He found that he could not access some website. After checked, those website site works only in browsers with SNI support.

I found the sk104717 point that the limitation of HTTPS Inspection Bypass Mechanism with enabled Probe Bypass is HTTPS Inspection will not work for sites that require SNI extension in the SSL "Client hello" packet.

I tried bypassing the URL of those websites but it still didn't work.

Is there any workaround for it? Or Is there any future plan for fixing the issue?


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I have activated enhanced ssl inspection and now seems to be working:

[Expert@HostName]# fw ctl set int enhanced_ssl_inspection 1


Also have a bypass for this sites on the HTTPS policy.


try it!

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Take 118 GA ----R80.20 - Improved TLS implementation for TLS Inspection and Categorization - Server Name Indications (SNI)....


Good news



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