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Install Hotfix in Checkpoint platform VSX



We need to install the lastest HF for R80.10. 


For SMS: We have 2 SMS active/standby - We first install the JHF in the secondary SMS, and then in the prymary. We will upgrade the CPUSE and we will do this HF installation by CPUSE. I think this is ok.


For gateways: The doubts are in the gateways. We have 2 FWs with VSX. Normally we use GAIA portal to install Hotfix but in VSX doesnt exist gaia portal so i undertand that we need to upgrade CPUSE and install HF by CLI.

So whats are the commands to install HF by cli? the HF is install in all VSX automatically?

WE first will install the HF in the standby node, and then force a failover. The commando to failover is the same like a fw without VSX, right? clusterXL_admin down in the active node? or its different the install HF for VSX environment.


ANy particular thing to keep in mind for installing HF in VSX? 

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Hi @Jesus_Cano,

I believe the info you are looking for is available here:

Look into CLI part, it is all there. 

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In clish the command you use is: installer download-and-install <Tab-Key>
This should show you a list of possible installable Jumbo and other fixes.
Just enter the required number and it will install the update for you.

For the failover, it depends if you are running HA or VSLS, in HA mode 'clusterXL_admin down' on VS0 is enough, in VSLS mode you need to use the command on each and every VS to move them over OR use 'vsx_util vsls' from the management to assign all VS's to a specific member.
Regards, Maarten

There is no VSLS. So clusterSL_admin down in VSO will be enough.

SO i undertand that the installation HF by cli is done for all VS, right?

These gws have no internet. So we will upload the HF manually.

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Employee Employee

Correct, the whole platform is upgraded, you cannot upgrade one VS at the time 🙂
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When you upload the file then use the following clish command to import the file into CPUSE (make sure to download the correct file):
installer import local <Full-path-and-filename>
Then use the following command to install the imported file:
installer install 1
Regards, Maarten
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On VSX I would do it like this:

installer download <TAB>
installer verify <TAB>
installer install <TAB>

Where <TAB> stands for the TAB key.
1. The gateway has internet access to download the Jumbo hotfix.
2. Bash is you normal shell.

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