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Infinity Global Services Introduction - Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides will be added later.
Q&A from the session is below the video

Was your involvement included in their contract or was this billable while digging into the attack? Just curious.

During the POC we saw the initial signals. and took action upon.

Are these services all available globally or only in specific countries??

They are sold globally.

How Do You Handle Cyber Risks From Vendors and Third-Parties?

Our Incident Response teams are vendor agnostic.

Is this packaged by solution pillar in terms of pricing, assess, optimize, master, etc.?

Pricing is dependent on the precise services needed.

With this extensive partner ecosystem , if a company is breached, is there a single point of contact at CP or does one go through the partner for IR?

Check Point has it's own Incident Response team:

US Hotline: 1-866-923-0907
UK: +0-800-088-5471
Australia: 1-800-467-476

You can also work with a partner of your choice as well.

What is the best method to adopt to avoid cyber crime in an organization ?

It varies for each organization,  start with Cyber Resiliency program (Prevention is key, and there is more) with a comprehensive strategy like Prevention approach across security implementations, ZTNA, and security in depth.

How often do you test your cyber security incident response plans?

We typically recommend tests at least once a year, though some organizations need it more frequently.

What are the common cyberattacks?

Prevalence differs among geographies, but some popular ones are: phishing, taking advantage of vulnerability, assets expossures, data leaks, dark web credentials selling via darkweb…and more.

Are we talking about Horizon?

Horizon is one of the tools used with Infinity Global Services

Can we have LAB to test the scenario or simulator to test exactly how it works?

We offer labs for many of our technologies. Please contact your local Check Point office.

Threat Intelligence & Detection are two different offerings. Every MSP / OEM has different way of putting it. What does Check Point offer?

We have both actually coming with MDR and Check Point Threat Intelligence teams.

What are some of the most common indicators that an organization might be under ransomware attack - except seeing the encryption at the end of the lifecycle?

WMI/PS commands in star graph would be a good start. but any preceeding infection of bot like Qbot, Emotet should be a warning sign.

Are these services independent of whether they are a Check Point customer or not?


Our raffle winners are:

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We will be contacting them via the registration emails for further processing.

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Great presentation and congrats to all the winners 👍

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