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Importing the Service Contract File

Hi Experts , 


I have some confusion related to installing service contracts . We have a multiple expired services contracts that i will delete and as we cant connect to internet  i have downloaded the service contract file. I  Launch Menu select 'Licenses & Contracts' -> 'Update Contracts' -> 'From File...' and provide the path to the file you have downloaded . That all fine


But in sk33089 step 5 we need to install the the contract on the gateway as well. So my questions -

do we actually need to install the services contract on the gateway? 

wont gateways be updated when we install the service control file on the mgmt ? or push a policy ?

do the service contract file and license on the mgmt server get pushed to the gateways ?



Sijeel Malik

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Yes you need to install contract on the corresponding GWs, where appropriate. GWs may be needing them to get online updates. If you do not, functionality may be degraded. 

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Hi Val,

So after we import the contract file using smart update we need to install on the gateways as well. So does this mean that the license and contact information on the management server (smartupdate ) doesn't get pushed/synced to the gateway?

Also tal_paz-fridman  has mentioned to use cpconfig command on the gateway to fetch contracts. So if I import the contract file in smart update I can fetch the contract that from the gateways  , so I wont need to install it on the gateway just fetch it ?


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Tal's option is an alternative.

Contracts are not automatically pushed to GWs when you are importing them to the MGMT server

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You can use cpconfig on the Security Gateway:

Contracts using cpconfig.JPG


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