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Identity Awareness - LocalUser log in after DomainUser on the same client

Hi all,

i would like to ask you some advices on how to implement IA using Identity Collector.

If i understund well, by design IA with IDC take in consideration only about the auth events seen on the sources defined in the query pool.
So if a LocalUser logs in on a windows client after a DomainUser logout, for the pdp/pep point of view, nothing is changed and the LocalUser take the same network access as the DomainUser.

As for sk122638 i suppose that there is no way to force the LocalUser to do a web-based authentication. It's right?
Can the solution provided in this sk122638 be considered valid also for R80.20/30/40 and when a log out is performed?

Thanks in advance



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Running a local Identity Agent would be the only way to solve this issue (which is what sk122638 says). 


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