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Identity Agent Multi User Host

Hi Mates,

Is there any known incompatibility between the terminal server agent version R80.172.0000 and a R80.10 gateway?

I noticed the agent is not able to authenticate the users and keeps disconnecting from the gateway.

The previous version R80.102.0000 works perfectly.

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Re: Identity Agent Multi User Host

Hi Claudio,


It is still compatible.

Please do the following:

1. Enable PDP debug on the PDP gateway:

# pdp d s all all

2. replicate the issue - try to authenticate.

3. Disable the debug:

# pdp d u all


open ticket with TAC with both $FWDIR/log/pdpd.elg* (up to 10 files) and client side debugs (can be collected via the agent UI).



Royi Priov.

Royi Priov
Group manager, Identity Awareness R&D
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