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ISP redundancy on a single external interface?

I have 5200 configured with a single external interface.

I am trying to configure ISP Redundancy and would prefer to not have to configure a second external interface.

I am wondering if any one has successfully configured this as from my reading it doesn't appear to be a supported option.

What I am attempting is as follows:

                                              |---------- x.x.x.30 ---- Router to primary ISP ----- y.y.y.1 ---------y.y.y.2 ---- Primary ISP router

5200 ---- x.x.x.1 ----------|

                                              |---------x.x.x.40 ---- Router to secondary ISP


ISP Redundancy set as Primary/Backup

Primary ISP has next hop set as x.x.x.30 - advanced configured to ping y.y.y.2

Backup ISP has next hop set as x.x.x.40

The ISP link table shows the correct status of OK for both ISPs.

But when I fail the Primary link the default gateway on the 5200 is erased and not reset. When I check the web gui it is just not there.




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To make it work, you need to configure your external IF as a trunk with 2 separate VLANs on it.

I did that on a 5200 appliance.


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