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IPSec VPN up but traffic stops daily

Hello all,

Since one month ago I have been experiencing some connectivity problems through a VPN IPSec raised between 2 Checkpoint firewalls in different countries. Once or twice a day the traffic stops but the tunnel remains active and I can't do anything from my side, I can disconnect an reconnect the tunnel but the problem persists. Only when the other part reset the tunnel the problem is solved.

The Checkpoint in my side has been working properly for some years with the same configuration, but since 2 months ago we are experiencing this issue daily and we don't know where is the problem.

When we face one of this issues, tcpdump shows packets going out from our Checkpoint but no response coming back. The other side reports the same, so we don't know where it is the problem.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.


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Any errors in smartlog?
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Which version and jumbo are you running?

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I would confirm your IPsec settings in the community match precisely.
I expect some of the timers may be not set consistently on one end or the other.
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