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I cannot reach my SMart 1 205 SMS via webpage but can reach it on same ip via smart dashboard.

Hi icannot reach my Smart 1 205 SMS via a browser but can reach it on same ip via smart console.I have tried various browsers including internet Explorer to no avail

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Hello victor,
Can you perform a tcpdump on the Smart 1 interface and post here the output when trying to connect via https?

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You probably have a Web/SSH restriction applied in the Gaia configuration of the SMS.  If you can get to the console, from clish do a show allowed-client all to see what IP address you need to be coming from for your web browser connection to work.  It is also possible that the Gaia web portal daemon is dead, disabled, or running on an unexpected port, try the clish show web daemon-enable and show web ssl-port commands.


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