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How to tuning cluster timeout for cross site HA deployment

I have 3 firewall cluster cross site DC 2 & DR 1. Sometime when link cross site flapping about 3 - 5 second  the gateway at DR try to active state and split brain.

I would like to tune timeout parameter for prevent this issue. Not sure which command use for fix my issue.  

sk93454 fw ctl set int fwha_dead_timeout_multiplier VALUE  or  sk41471 fw ctl set int fwha_timer_sync_res N


Thank you



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Considering your case of long outage (3-5 seconds), I would not recommend any of the mentioned methods. You will introduce a risk of getting into a situation when an actual failure will not result in a timely failover.

Also, methods to overcome your issues may be related to the version in use. Did you seek an official guidance via a TAC case?

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