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How to export / visualize Non-Firewall Policies?

I'm looking for a way to export / visualize very long Non-Firewall policies (primarily in R77.30), such as Mobile Access Policy, Application Control Policy, HTTPS Inspection Policy etc. All tools I know of seem to be limited to firewall policies only. Screenshot is no option as it doesn't link to the contents of the used objects and groups like Webvis does.

Thanks in advance!

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I know you can visualize Application Control through a product like AlgoSec - obviously not free. But, I don't know of anyone who is able to parse HTTPS inspection policy.

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As far as I know, no such tool exists for these policies, at least not free ones Smiley Happy

The information from all of these policies would have to be extracted via CPMI/dbedit, and I'm not familiar with any documentation on how that would be done. 


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