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How can i block online file converter sites.

 Hello CheckMates !

I'm looking for an option or an idea how to block access to PDF (and other types of documents) online documents convert sites with our R77.30 software with Threat Prevention, Application/URL Filtering blades. 

Thank you.

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Not sure these sites all have a common category, so it may not be possible to block with App Control/URL Filtering 

What you're describing is more of a DLP/Content Awareness function.

Not sure if DLP can do exactly this, but in R80.x, you can leverage Content Awareness and HTTPS Inspection to block uploads of document files to sites not explicitly authorized.


I am agree with Dameon. In R77.30, Only DLP could help to control document files upload. 

I've checked few famous Online PDF converter on CheckPoint URL Categorization. All involved in Computers / Internet Application Category.

If use the R80.10, try to restrict upload any document files to Computers / Internet Category and use the Content Awareness, Application control blades with HTTPS Inspection.


Thank you Gomboragchaa Jamganjav sounds interesting ! i will check the category of some different online PDF convert sites and will think how to block file uploading to these categories.