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Home page for Remote Access Clients?

I would like to know if Remote Access Clients has any Home page (or Main page).

I mean, every time I need to download the latest version of this software, I have to go through the search function. And in the search results, even if I see one potentially good result, I still have to double check on it to make sure it's the latest version.

For example, I had to go thru a few results to get to the latest one whose URL is

Then of course, in a few months, I have to find another URL pointing to a new version.  That's very tedious and user-unfriendly. Why isn't there a home page / main page for this software in which the latest versions are listed?

Come on! Most of the software available in the Internet (whether free or not) have this kind of structure:
* In the home page, there's a BIG button leading users to download the latest version in the most requested platform (eg Windows) or the button leads users to the main download page which is essentially the same thing.
* And they all have another page showing previous versions if users need to download old versions.

I can't imagine we have paid so much money to Check Point which cannot offer us with this kind of smallest comfort!

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