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Hacking DNS TechTalk: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides attached below.
Q&A appears below the video.

Do you have a recent statistics what's the percentage of secure DNS requests (TCP/853, HTTPS etc.) in total name resolver traffic nowadays?

Roughly 5%.

How many Root Servers all over the world and how sync is done among them?

There are 13 root servers. More details here.

Is PTR the same as reverse lookup?

Yes, PTR records are IP to name mappings.

What book is Ralph recommending? 

DNS and Bind (5th Edition) by Cricket Liu and Paul Albitz. It's available on Amazon (among other places):

What kind of adoption are you seeing DNSSEC getting?

According to the public source, it is not growing fast, currently roughly at about 5% usage.

What is the best practice for the TTL?

Unless the IP address for the record changes regularly (i.e. dynamic IP), the TTL should not be short. A short TTL will increase load on your DNS servers.

How do Check Point customers detect/prevent DNS tunneling attacks?

Use our T

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